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  • How do I book?
    If you are interested in joining Aquabelle Swim School for your child's swimming lessons, please contact one of our team today on 01268 857079 or contact us here
  • What do I need to bring to lessons?
    When you come to Aquabelle, please bring the following: - Appropriate swim costume/shorts - Towel - Children under 3 years of age need a swim nappy plus a costume - Baby Changing Matt (For babies only)
  • Do swimmers need to arrive ready for their lessons?
    Swimmers are not required to come swim ready, we have a large number of private cubicles which are unisex. Please do not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before your class time.
  • Do you have parking available?
    We have plenty of parking available onsite, however the swimming pool is on private grounds and we have enough spaces for one car per swimmer.
  • What age can my baby start swimming?
    Babies can swim from birth because immunisations are not required, we recommend swimming from 8 weeks.
  • What do I do if either of us are poorly?
    If your baby has the sniffles then you are fine to attend lessons, but if you or your baby have a temperature, sickness, diarrhoea, chicken pox or an infection please stay at home. We also ask that you do not attend lessons until you have cleared sickness or diarrhoea symptoms after 72 hours.
  • How warm is your pool?
    The beauty of a private swimming pool is we take pride in our facilities, our water is heated between 32 and 33 degrees.
  • Is it safe for my baby to go underwater?
    It is absolutely safe for your baby to submerge underwater as your baby is born with a gag reflex. When your baby goes under water the natural reflex kicks in and the soft tissue at the back of the throat naturally closes to block the airway. We will never force a baby to submerge underwater, we will only do this when you and your teacher feel your baby is ready.
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